awards at V Residence Serviced Apartment


Stay at the Award-Winning Serviced Residence of Bangkok

V Residence Hotel and Serviced Apartment has been the proud recipient of a number of prestigious awards over the years. The following is a list of recent or especially long-running awards honoring V Residence.

Rakuten Travel Award 2011

Rakuten Rising Star Award 2011

Raketen Travel Award 2012

Rakuten Customer Satisfaction Award 2012

Rakuten Travel Award 2013

Rakuten Silver Award 2013

Rakuten Travel Award 2014

Rakuten Good Partner Award 2014

Rakuten Travel Award 2015

Rakuten Golden Award 2015

Rakuten Travel Award 2016

Rakuten Silver Award 2016

Rakuten Travel Award 2017

Rakuten Silver Award 2017

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